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Supply Chain Logistics ManagerInterview Questions

Position Summary

A Supply Chain Logistics Manager (also called supply chain managers or logistics managers) is a staple of middle management and typically oversees the storage and movement of company inventory. 

Their duties include evaluating budgets, arranging orders, and coordinating with suppliers and distributors. The logistics manager also oversees the management of warehouses and distribution points, planning shipping routes and keeping track of large inventories. 



A Supply Chain Logistics Manager’s responsibilities include:

  • Supervising one or more distribution points for inventory.

  • Managing large numbers of employees in different roles.

  • Ensuring products are received and delivered according to schedule.

  • Managing inventory and budgets.

  • Planning shipping routes.

  • Coordinating with suppliers and distributors of products.


A Supply Chain Logistics Manager’s skills include:

  • Lead cross-functional teams across different departments.

  • Maintain and develop asset management processes.

  • Appropriate IT skills for tracking inventory and budgets.

  • Develop standardized training procedures.

  • Analytic and problem-solving skills.


A Supply Chain Logistics Manager is required to have a minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree in business or a similar area of education, but a Master’s Degree is commonly found in the field as well. Several years of experience working in logistics and/or a managerial position is expected for positions overseeing large shipping operations. 


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Supply Chain Logistics Manager Interview Questions

  • What makes you the right choice for this position?

  • How do you go about delegating tasks in the workplace?

  • How do you ensure your team is performing at maximum efficiency?

  • How do you analyze employee performance?

  • How much experience do you have training new logistics personnel? Describe that process.

  • How would you handle a supplier who failed to provide the requested product or amount by a particular deadline?

  • What logistics software are you most familiar with? Which do you prefer to operate with?

  • How would you deal with complaints about a product not being shipped?

  • How do you determine what tasks to manage yourself and what tasks to delegate?

  • How would you handle situations where a budget is exceeded?

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