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Commercial Truck DriverInterview Questions

Position Summary

Commercial Truck Drivers are tasked with transporting goods from distribution centers to secondary locations such as warehouses and stores. Drivers are required to maintain their trucks in a safe and working order and inspect them regularly along with each load of cargo that is transported. 

Commercial Truck Drivers should be able to perform minor mechanical repairs. They are also responsible for loading and unloading cargo as well as keeping accurate records of deliveries.



A Commercial Truck Driver’s responsibilities include:

  • Driving goods from one place to another, sometimes over long distances.

  • Inspecting the delivery vehicle on a regular basis and performing minor routine maintenance.

  • Inspecting cargo when loading and unloading.

  • Loading and unloading cargo.

  • Keeping track of inventory as it’s transported from place to place.

  • Following commercial vehicle traffic laws.


A Commercial Truck Driver’s skills include:

  • The ability to concentrate for long periods of time.

  • The ability to stick to strict schedules.

  • Good communication skills.

  • Being able to lift heavy loads.

  • Record keeping and inventory tracking.


Applicants are typically required to have a high school diploma or GED as well as have an up-to-date CDL (commercial driver’s license). Many vocational schools offer courses in commercial truck driving as well as independent trucking schools that offer similar programs for driving commercial trucks. 


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Commercial Truck Driver Interview Questions

  • How long have you been a Commercial Truck Driver with other companies? Have you ever worked freelance?

  • How long have you had your CDL?

  • Where did you receive your training?

  • Describe how you handle a breakdown?

  • How do you handle a missed deadline?

  • How do you handle a situation in which a shipment was damaged en route?

  • How do you make sure you remain alert and safe on long drives?

  • Explain the regulations you have to comply with while doing your job?

  • What basic maintenance do you have to perform most often on your vehicle?

  • What logs do you keep to make sure orders and deliveries are properly recorded?

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