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Store Manager Interview Questions


Store Managers are responsible for managing the day-to-day activities in a store. Store Managers are expected to lead their staff and utilize them according to their strengths and weaknesses. They must help resolve customer disputes as they arise and help staff members solve any problems they run into.

In addition, Store Managers are typically in charge of administrative tasks, such as creating employee schedules, managing invoices, and making bank deposits. A Store Manager must be aware of everything going on within their store.


Store Manager responsibilities may include:

  • Communicate with customers.
  • Provide guidance to staff members.
  • Create employee work schedules.
  • Provide training to staff.
  • Resolve disputes in the workplace.
  • Maintain product inventory.



A store will not run efficiently if there is no one to lead it. In order to lead their employees and run a profitable business, a skilled Store Manager will:

  • Have conflict management abilities to de-escalate conflicts as they arise.
  • Communicate goals and tasks clearly with staff.
  • Stay organized and productive.
  • Work quickly and efficiently, especially during busy times.
  • Maintain a professional demeanor. 


Entry level positions as a Store Manager can be obtained without a degree. Often, employees will be promoted from within a company to Store Manager. However, companies will also hire Store Managers from outside the company if they have relevant experience. Many employers will want candidates with at least 2 years of experience in management. Candidates can earn degrees in business administration, management, or hospitality to make themselves more appealing.



  • If you had an employee that refused to follow directions, what would you do?

  • Have you ever dealt with a team member that felt discriminated against? What did you do to solve the problem?

  • Describe a time you had to make a decision for a major expense. How did you go about making that decision?

  • What would you do if an employee came to you about a very personal problem they are having?

  • What qualifications do you look for in potential employees?

  • In your prior experience, have you ever had to fire an employee? If so, how did you go about it?

  • How would you integrate our company brand into this surrounding community?