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Marketing Associate


Marketing Associates assist with developing and carrying out different marketing efforts for a business. They support the marketing department to ensure it continues running smoothly.
Marketing Associates typically conduct the process needed to market products to consumers, but they may also assist the product development team to design a product that will increase sales. They must be experts in the brand they are working with in order to market products effectively to their target audience.


Marketing Associate responsibilities may include:

  • Provide design inputs to product development teams to potentially increase sales.
  • Define product vision.
  • Identify key demographics of consumers.
  • Identify key performance indicators of a campaign.
  • Analyze products and optimize as needed.


There are so many products out there right now that consumers are often overwhelmed by which they should choose. In order to make their products stand out, a skilled Marketing Associate will:

  • Stay up-to-date on industry trends.
  • Think critically in order to analyze and optimize marketing efforts.
  • Communicate effectively across all departments.
  • Think creatively in order to capture consumer attention.
  • Provide leadership to product development and marketing teams.


To gain an entry level position, candidates will need a Bachelor’s Degree in marketing, statistics, or a related field. Any prior experience in a marketing position will help greatly. For those seeking a management position, an MBA is often required.



  • What is the most comprehensive marketing strategy you have had to develop?

  • Can you describe why Facebook is a great marketing tool?

  • What would you do if a product was set to launch but there was a problem with the manufacturing company and the date had to be pushed back?

  • What is your method of developing a new product?

  • What marketing channels do you prefer to use and why?

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