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Art Director Interview Questions


Art Directors are responsible for supervising and directing the visual style and layout of various mediums including television commercials, internet ads, direct mail, and poster artwork. They are in charge of making sure that an advertisement reflects brand personality while also encouraging consumers to purchase from or engage with that brand.

Art Directors oversee the process of ad design. Often they will allocate their resources based on their funds from the client and guide other artists and copywriters in the direction they want to go.


Art Director responsibilities may include:

  • Develop an advertisement’s visual layout.
  • Decide which art medium is appropriate. 
  • Communicate with clients about budget and style.
  • Create presentations for clients.
  • Supervise staff.



The world is oversaturated with brands and advertisements, all competing for customer attention. In order to develop visually appealing work that will catch the consumer’s eye, a skilled Art Director will:

  • Effectively assess staff strengths and weaknesses and utilize them accordingly.
  • Keep client’s informed throughout the process to ensure they get the product they want.
  • Responsibly utilize the allocated budget. 
  • Communicate with staff to provide clear guidance.
  • Possess expertise in all art mediums.


To secure a position as an Art Director, candidates will need a minimum of a Bachelor of Arts or Fine Arts Degree. Additionally, they will need at least 5 years of experience in the field, either working as a graphic designer, editor, or a similar position. Candidates applying to larger companies will typically possess a Master of Arts. 



  • What type of programs are you most comfortable to work with?

  • How do you utilize current trends in your work?

  • How do you prioritize tasks and stay organized?

  • In your opinion, what makes a good design? Describe your design style to me.

  • In your previous roles, have you had any web or interactive media design issues? What were they and how did you solve them?

  • What is your experience in advertising?