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Insurance Agents sell multiple types of insurance, which may include health or life insurance. A position as an Insurance Agent can be quite flexible, with some Insurance Agents acting as a referral for brokers, some acting as independent brokers, and some working under the employment of an insurance company.

Insurance Agents are the point of contact between the customer and the business and should be experts regarding the products and services offered by the business. They will need to attend meetings, programs or seminars to learn about new services or products being offered by the company and be up-to-date on industry trends.


 Insurance Agent responsibilities may include:

  • Calculate premiums.
  • Ensure that policy requirements are met.
  • Handle policy renewals.
  • Select appropriate underwriters.
  • Communicate plan benefits to customers



Customers will only do business with a company they trust. In order to encourage trust between their insurance company and the customer, a skilled Insurance Agent will:

  • Prioritize tasks to stay on top of their workload.
  • Possess organizational skills to access files as needed.
  • Provide a pleasant experience for their clients.
  • Utilize critical thinking to provide clients with plans that meet their needs.
  • Seek out new clients proactively.



To gain an entry level position, candidates will need a high school diploma or equivalent as well as a state insurance license. Candidates with Bachelor’s or Graduate Degrees relevant to their industry may find this helpful when applying for a job.

In addition, Insurance Agents can earn a variety of professional designations relevant to their industry. To earn a profession



  • Would you be comfortable visiting people at their homes and discussing insurance policies?

  • Who are the parties involved in a life insurance contract?

  • What criteria do you use to determine whether or not you should accept an applicant?

  • What does a deductible do?

  • In your opinion, what traits make a good insurance agent? Do you possess those traits?

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