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UX DesignerInterview Questions

Position Summary

A UX Designer is responsible for designing user interfaces that are easy-to-use and user-friendly. UX Designers are responsible for gauging the functional and sensory needs of users to design interfaces for specific products. 

UX Designers work closely with Application Developers and Graphic Designers to make user-friendly products. They not only work in the development process but also conduct user research to determine the course of action for development.



UX Designer responsibilities include: 

  • Conducting user research and compiling data gathered.

  • Determining user needs based on research.

  • Identifying problems and providing appropriate solutions.

  • Designing a user-friendly interface alongside Developers and Graphic Designers.

  • Evaluating a project after it is tested by users and making the necessary changes.


A UX Designer’s skills include:

  • Clear communication skills when working with team members as well as users.

  • Being able to give and receive viable feedback.

  • Translating and organizing data into an understandable format.

  • Advanced IT skills that are relevant to design.

  • Ability to create client personas based on user research.


A Bachelor’s Degree in a computer science discipline can go a long way towards making an applicant competitive, but experience and self-taught skills are enough to gain employment in the field. There are countless online resources for people to learn the skills necessary for a career as a UX designer, and experience and self-starting is valued over degree qualifications. A portfolio of prior work is required, however.


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UX Designer Interview Questions

  • What do you do first to communicate effectively with users to determine their needs?

  • How do you compile data gathered from user testing?

  • How well do you work in a team setting?

  • What pieces in your portfolio best showcase your skills?

  • Are you flexible enough to make changes to a plan at any phase of the project?

  • How does your work differ from graphic design? How does your work relate to graphic design and the work a graphic designer would do alongside you?

  • How do you process negative feedback? 

  • How comfortable are you with strict deadlines?

  • Can you take on multiple projects at once?

  • Take us through your design process, step by step.


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