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Network Administrator


Network Administrators keep computer networks up to date and running smoothly. The network industry is constantly evolving as new technology emerges, so Network Administrators must be prepared to stay on top of current industry trends.

Network Administrators often perform as a jack-of-all-trades and should have a fundamental knowledge of IT systems. Typically, they install and monitor networks and computer systems to make sure they are performing efficiently. They also diagnose and troubleshoot issues that may come up within the network.


Network Administrator responsibilities may include:

  • Communicate with staff members to identify network problems.
  • Install network systems.
  • Audit processes.
  • Monitor computer logs.
  • Create programs to make the network more efficient.



Computer networks are the platforms that a business’ software runs on. In order to keep their network running smoothly, a skilled Network Administrator will:

  • Possess an eye for detail to observe disturbances within the network.
  • Communicate with customers in order to troubleshoot effectively.
  • Convert technical data into easily understandable reports.
  • Think critically to understand how fundamental IT concepts relate to network administration.
  • Demonstrate quick thinking to mitigate issues as quickly as possible.


To qualify for an entry-level position, candidates will need at least a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or a related field. Higher level or management positions will typically require candidates to have a Master’s Degree.

Candidates can further distinguish themselves by earning certifications, such as the CCNA offered by Cisco.




  • How would you handle an angry customer that is having technical issues and needs to work immediately?

  • What is HTTPS and what port does it use?

  • What are IP Classes?

  • What is the difference between a switch and router?

  • What types of load balancing methods are available? What is the best?

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