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IT Project Manager Interview Questions


IT Project Managers handle the supervision of Information Technology projects across different departments.  These projects can include anything from a software upgrade to creating an entirely new application in order to support critical business functions.  Project Management tasks include managing various IT teams, managing project finances, reporting on status to senior leaders and making sure that all related tasks and initiatives are done in a timely manner.

The role of an IT Project Manager is extremely important as they provide strategic planning and integration of information technologies into the company as well as leading project teams for optimal effectiveness.


IT Project Manager responsibilities may include:

  • Create and manage project plans.
  • Use project management tools to keep track of team progress.
  • Deliver progress reports to clients or management.
  • Recruit subcontractors.
  • Advise various IT areas as it pertains to the project scope.
  • Ensure projects are progressing on time and on budget.



IT Project Managers are essential to making sure deadlines and quality of work are held to standard. In order to make sure that projects run smoothly, a skilled IT Project Manager will:

  • Communicate effectively with other team members.
  • Have organizational skills to manage many project documents.
  • Possess an eye for detail to identify errors.
  • Utilize creative thinking to automate processes.
  • Possess presentation skills to report on project status to management.


Candidates are typically required to have at least a Bachelor’s Degree in computer science or a related field to qualify. However, larger companies may require candidates to possess a Master’s Degree. Work experience is required to qualify for a position as an IT Project Manager and candidates can make themselves more attractive to employers by obtaining certifications, such as a Project Management Professional (PMP) certification.



  • Tell me about a full project life cycle that you have managed.

  • What tools have you used in the past to track project performance?

  • How would you define a project plan to someone that is not familiar with what they are?

  • Have you ever failed as a project manager, if so, what was it and how?

  • How do you handle team members failing to meet expectations?

  • Discuss a time when you had to explain a technology concept to someone with little technology background.

  • How can you bring creativity to your career in project management?