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IT ConsultantInterview Questions

Position Summary

An IT Consultant is hired by a company to evaluate, test, and advise on IT systems and their viability. IT Consultants analyze the efficiency of current systems and provide recommendations on ways to improve and update their IT infrastructure to meet the specific needs of the company. 

IT Consultants are responsible for not only formulating technical solutions but implementing them as well. IT Consultants typically work closely with a team, including security analysts, to ensure efficient and secure systems.



An IT Consultant’s responsibilities include:

  • Evaluating and testing the current IT infrastructure. 

  • Working with security analysts to secure systems.

  • Designing and implementing new IT systems.

  • Monitoring the progress of new systems and overseeing their implementation. 


An IT Consultant’s skills include:

  • Advanced IT skills.

  • Fluency in multiple coding languages.

  • Good managerial and communication skills.

  • A keen eye for detail to spot deviations within IT infrastructure.

  • Multitasking effectively between multiple departments and team members.

  • The ability to work under pressure and strict deadlines.


The role of an IT Consultant requires at least a Bachelor’s Degree in computer science, but a Master’s in computer science or business administration will give job seekers an advantage over other applicants. Previous experience working in the field of IT is often also required.


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IT Consultant Interview Questions

  • What is the first aspect you notice when evaluating IT infrastructure?

  • If a company wishes to streamline its information systems, how do you advise them to proceed?

  • How do you ensure that a client’s needs are met? How do you communicate effectively with the client about their needs and your plans?

  • How do you handle mistakes or setbacks in a project?

  • Do you work well under deadlines?

  • How do you approach explaining technical matters to clients, particularly ones who are not as tech-savvy as computer professionals?  

  • How do you handle confidentiality when working with other people’s data?

  • How do you manage time when working on multiple projects?

  • How do you manage a team of consultants?

  • What project have you worked on that you are proudest of?

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