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Android Developer Interview Questions


Android Developers design applications for devices that use the Android operating system. There are several versions of Android being used, depending on the type of device, and Android Developers must take this into account when developing an application.

Android Developers must be able to develop an expert understanding of the Android operating system in order to design an application that will work across different versions of Android. Additionally, Android Developers need to take into account different screen sizes and pixelation capabilities in order to provide the best user experience possible.


Android Developer responsibilities may include:

  • Translate designs into code.
  • Maintain code quality.
  • Automate processes within the application.
  • Design reliable Java code.
  • Test out applications and resolve bugs.



Applications are quickly becoming a very profitable market, with billions of earnings each year. In order to provide the best user experience possible, a skilled Android Developer will:

  • Possess an eye for detail in order to spot errors in code.
  • Communicate with management about timelines, milestones, and potential problems.
  • Be committed to delivering the highest quality product possible.
  • Deal with bugs quickly as they come up to ensure quality user experience.
  • Use customer feedback to improve upon the application.


Entry-level positions typically require a Bachelor’s Degree in computer science or a related field. In order to stand out among applicants or to gain higher level management positions, candidates are encouraged to obtain a Master’s Degree.

However, experience is a deciding factor in employment as well. If a candidate has already published successful apps and possesses experience in the field, that can mitigate the lack of a formal education.



  • Are you able to complete projects on time if there are multiple deadlines for multiple projects?

  • Can you tell me the various ways to apply multi-threading to an Android app?

  • Have you ever had an issue with another team member? How was it resolved?

  • Describe what situation for which you might use an Intent.

  • What is a Content Provider and what is it typically used for?