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Human Resources Officer

Human Resources Officer Interview Questions


A Human Resource Officer can be in charge of many duties or a specialist who focuses on one particular area, depending on the company’s needs. Typically smaller companies will only have one HRO while larger companies will have an HR Department where duties are split between teams.

HRO positions are a unique blend of management and administration. As an HRO, it is up to you to make sure that you hire employees who will be an asset to the company and fit in well with the culture of the company. Additionally, it is also your job to make sure you develop and implement policies to ensure that your staff is trained appropriately and knows how to manage their own job duties.  


HRO responsibilities may include:

  • Recruiting staff, which may include developing job advertisements, conducting interviews, and hiring candidates.
  • Acting as a consultant with other departments on issues such as code of conduct, welfare, safety procedures, etc.
  • Monitoring performance among staff.
  • Maintaining payroll and benefit allocation.  
  • Developing company policy on issues such as safety, disciplinary procedures, management guidelines, etc.
  • Handling employee disputes.
  • Being aware of and analyzing the need for policy change in different departments.



HRO’s are expected to have their finger on the pulse of the company. To be able to effectively train, manage, and enforce policy, a good HRO will need to be able to:

  • Establish effective working relationships with employees in all departments.
  • Communicate company procedures and policies clearly.
  • Have an eye for detail.
  • Be able to maintain professionalism at all times.
  • Conduct research and analyze data.
  • Inspire confidence within management in order to implement personnel policies.
  • Build trust within the company so that employees feel comfortable talking to you about confidential matters.
  • Effectively manage and lead a team.



In order to gain an entry level position, candidates will typically need a Bachelor’s Degree in human resources or a similar field. For management positions or jobs within larger companies, candidates will typically need at least 2 years of experience and sometimes even a Master’s Degree. Additionally, candidates can gain additional certifications to make themselves more appealing, such as the Professional of Human Resources certification.



Since Human Resource Officers are such a vital part of the company, they can expect to be subject to a comprehensive interview process. You should go into the interview knowing as much as possible about your target company and expect the following questions:

  • Describe the recruitment process. What strategies would you implement to ensure the process goes smoothly?

  • In the past, how have you handled aggressive employees?

  • Give an example of a past HR policy you didn’t agree with.

  • What type of HR software are you familiar with?

  • Define company culture. What steps have you taken to promote a healthy company culture?

  • How do you plan to identify areas for improvement in employee development?