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Student Admissions Counselor Interview Questions


Student Admissions Counselors at the collegiate level recruit students by evaluating recruiting techniques, interviewing prospective students, developing alumni networks and conducting campaigns to attract students to attend colleges and universities. Student Admissions Counselors may also be required to tour high schools in order to incentivize students to apply to their university. This can include giving a public presentation and organizing outreach programs.

Student Admissions Counselors at the high school level typically help students apply to colleges or trade schools. This can include assisting them in signing up for the SAT or ACT, helping them fill out application forms, and referring scholarship opportunities.


Student Admissions Counselor responsibilities may include:

  • Organize recruitment events.
  • Provide financial aid information.
  • Inform potential students about their application status.
  • Provide guidance on what options students will have after graduation.
  • Inform potential students about the various organizations, benefits, and degrees at the school.


All of the options available to students post-graduation can be overwhelming. In order to provide relevant information, a skilled Student Admissions Counselor will:

  • Network with other academic staff.
  • Stay on top of current trends within the academic industry.
  • Practice active listening to best identify a student’s needs.
  • Utilize creative thinking to find fun new ways to attract students. 
  • Maintain a friendly and personable demeanor.


To secure a position as a Student Admissions Counselor candidates will often need a Bachelor’s Degree in education or an interpersonal related field is preferred. Just as important, candidates will need experience in networking and sales. Candidates are advised to participate in internships while in school. 



  • How would you assist a student who needs financial aid?

  • Can you describe how you would start a conversation with a potential student?

  • Would you be able to sell the school to a room full of high school seniors? If so, how?

  • What networking activities do you participate in?

  • Can you work well under pressure and meet deadlines and quotas?

  • If I asked you to speak with students from underprivileged backgrounds about coming to our school, how would you go about doing it?

  • Why is diversity important to a college campus?