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Secondary School Teacher Interview Questions


Secondary School Teachers educate students between the ages of 11-19. They teach specific subjects that typically have nationally approved curriculums. This is an especially important phase of education because students are preparing to go on to higher education. Secondary School Teachers must prepare lesson plans and teach students as well as use interactive and creative teaching methods to engage students in their lessons. 

Secondary School Teachers also help prepare their students for admission tests and college exams. This can include providing additional tutoring outside of class and providing assistance with taking the SAT and ACT.


Secondary School Teacher responsibilities may include:

  • Develop classroom curriculums.
  • Assign homework and study materials.
  • Create tests and other assessments.
  • Direct teaching assistants to assist with their workload.
  • Provide quarterly progress reports.
  • Participate in parent-teacher conferences.


A good teacher can make all the difference in a student’s life, impacting their success outside of school as well. In order to help students realize their full potential, a skilled Secondary School Teacher will:

  • Maintain a professional, friendly demeanor at all times.
  • Be able to encourage students and provide support and guidance.
  • Provide guidance and leadership to their students and teaching assistants.
  • Be dedicated to put in the extra effort required to make sure students do well.
  • Bring creativity to the classroom to ensure students are engaged with the material.


To secure a position as a Secondary School Teacher, candidates will need to possess a Bachelor’s Degree in the field of study they wish to teach in. It is recommended that they participate in a student teaching internship while completing their degree. Afterwards, candidates will need to take an exam to obtain a teaching license as well as pass a background check.



  • What would you do if a student decided to get up and walk out of class and the building?

  • What challenges do you think you will face by taking this job?

  • How would you assist an underachieving student to help them succeed?

  • How would you meet every student’s need in a large class?

  • What would you do if two students began to fight in your classroom?

  • Students today are more accustomed to learning with technology. How do you incorporate technology into your lessons?