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Investment Banker Interview Questions


Depending on the company, Investment Bankers may be responsible for many duties or they may be specialized in one specific area. However, no matter what they do, the primary focus of an Investment Banker is to help clients raise money by selling equity or issuing debt in companies. 

An Investment Banker must be both aggressive and persuasive. They are the go to people for companies that want to find qualified investors with money to invest. As such, they must be aggressive enough to go after any possible lead and persuasive enough to convince that lead to part with large sums of money. In addition to being a good salesman, an Investment Banker must also possess a capacity for financial analysis so that they can advise their clients.


Investment Banker responsibilities may include: 

  • Facilitate relationships with new and existing clients to effectively leverage their network.
  • Help broker M&A’s by acting as a consultant.
  • Assist clients with acquisitions and mergers.
  • Prepare and review material used to finance clients, including presentations, valuations, and transactions.
  • Stay on top of current events and changes within the industry in order to advise clients to the best of their ability.


Investment Bankers work among the wealthy and elite, and as such are expected to be experts within their field. In order to effectively advise clients and generate funds, a skilled Investment Banker will:

  • Work in teams in a fast paced environment with no supervision.
  • Aggressively seek after new leads and better results in order to stay ahead of the competition. 
  • Possess salesmanship qualities to secure new funds for clients.
  • Communicate clearly and persuasively with both clients and team members.
  • Possess strong financial modeling skills and business acumen.



Investment Banking is a highly competitive field that can offer a 6 figure income. However, the requirements to become an Investment Banker are surprisingly easy. Most Invest Bankers only have a Bachelor’s Degree and there are a few that have even less than that. An MBA will certainly set you apart from applicants and is necessary for management positions.  Many positions will also require applicants to complete a set of difficult tests, such as the Series 7, Series 79, and the Series 63 in order to get various banking licenses.

More importantly, an Investment Banker must show strong interpersonal skills, such as competitiveness, persuasiveness, and a tireless work ethic. Because the amount of applicants outnumber the amount of jobs in Investment Banking, you must be able to put in the time and effort needed to stand out.



  • When should a company consider issuing debt instead of equity?

  • Can you tell me about the 4 financial statements?

  • Can you tell me how an income statement and balance sheet relate?

  • Do you happen to know firm evaluation methods? If so, which ones?

  • How would you value a company in an industry that you know little to nothing about?

  • Have you been following the market lately? Tell me some updates.