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Finance Analyst Interview Questions


A Finance Analyst evaluates data in order to help businesses make better financial decisions. They accomplish this by consolidating and analyzing data, generating reports about status and potential risks, and developing financial models.

A Finance Analyst acts in a largely technical capacity. They must have a good eye for detail and organization in order to accurately report on the status of a business. In addition, they must be able to take the data they evaluate and use it to develop creative new ways to increase productivity and sales.


Finance Analyst responsibilities may include:

  • Develop financial models.
  • Conduct benchmark and process analysis.
  • Create monthly expense reports and provide variance analysis.
  • Research trends within the industry, similar companies, and past financial statements.
  • Recommend appropriate action based on data analysis results.



Finance Analysts are responsible for creating an accurate representation of company finances. In order to accurately generate reports, mine data, and provide advice, a skilled Finance Analyst will:

  • Accurately interpret data.
  • Communicate data and plans of action clearly to upper level management and executives.
  • Possess an eye for detail in order to repair and correct data as needed.
  • Stay on top of current events in order to predict industry trends.
  • Work with little to no supervision.



A Finance Analyst is the contact point between the company’s management and its data. Therefore, the position occupies an important role within the business. Most employers will want a Finance Analyst with at least a Bachelor’s Degree in finance or a related field. 

In addition, an expert understanding of industry data is required, so experience with forecasting, reporting, statistics, and financial modeling will all help in securing a job within the field.



  • What single financial statement would you choose to value a company and why?

  • Can you explain why dividends are not part of an income statement?

  • What do you think is better? Increasing prices by 1% or increase the customer base by 1%?

  • Describe and explain a cash flow statement.

  • What financial analysis software do you have experience with?