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A receptionist’s main job responsibility is to greet visitors in person or on the telephone. This includes directing visitors to the correct department, maintaining department directories, and answering any questions someone might have. Depending on the company, a receptionist may be responsible for maintaining the log book and issuing visitor badges to ensure security and safety.

A Receptionist position is a unique blend of scheduling, customer service, and administration. As the first person a customer communicates with within the company, you must be able to provide customer service while still maintaining order.


Receptionist responsibilities may include:

  • Answering a multiline telephone system.
  • Greeting customers.
  • Generating daily reports.
  • Answering emails.
  • Scheduling meetings with clients.
  • Data entry.



Receptionists are integral in fostering communication between a company and its clients. To provide as pleasant an experience as possible, a skilled Receptionist will need to:

  • Maintain a friendly demeanor at all times. 
  • Be able to keep track of calls as they come in.
  • Be able to maintain multiple schedules as needed.
  • Possess superior communication skills.
  • Prioritize meetings and calls as needed.



Receptionist positions tend to be entry level and don’t require much to qualify. Many positions don’t even require a high school diploma. Instead, you should focus on soft skills such as communication and customer service. A previous track record in customer service or clerical work will help to give you the upper hand as well.



  • Most of your day you will be required to multi-task. Will you be able to stay focused and get your job done? How accustomed are you to multi-tasking?

  • How would you deal with an angry guest?

  • What is your definition of professionalism?

  • What would you do if you found you had double booked a client?

  • If the phones are constantly ringing, would you feel overwhelmed?

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