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Executive Assistant Interview Questions


An Executive Administrative Assistant is a specialized branch of Administration. They are similar to an Administrative Assistant and may even oversee the daily administrative tasks within a company. However, instead of working with the whole department they tend to serve as the point of contact between the executives of a company and the internal or external clients. 

An Executive Administrative Assistant position is a position of trust. Executive Administrative Assistants will find that they are given access to sensitive or confidential information. As such, they must be able to maintain professionalism at all times.


Executive Administrative Assistant Responsibilities may include:

  • Acting as a liaison between executives and clients.
  • Generating reports, briefs, and even presentations as needed.
  • Maintaining schedules, coordinating meetings, and briefing important officials within the company.
  • Developing systems to keep the company running smoothly.
  • Keeping executives updated on their day to day schedules.



Executive Administrative Assistants are the grease that moves the wheels of the company. They have a high level of responsibility within the company. To keep the company running smoothly, a skilled Executive Administrative Assistant will:

  • Maintain the highest degree of professionalism, both in and out of work.
  • Need to be able to effectively network and foster goodwill with high level clients.
  • Need to be on top of current trends in the industry.
  • Need to maintain a strict schedule and system to stay on top of both their schedule and the schedule of company executives.
  • Need to have an expert level of understanding about company programs and software.


Executive Administrative Assistant positions are not for those with entry level qualifications. Often, a Bachelor’s Degree will be required as well as at least 4 years of experience within an Administrative Assistant role at a company of similar size. Candidates will also want to have an extensive working knowledge of all programs within Microsoft Office Suite. 



  • You have been given confidential information about the company. One of your managers demands to know about it. How would you handle this?

  • What would you do if an executive gave you an assignment without complete instructions on how to do the task?

  • Can you describe a time when you had to deal with multiple deadlines at once? If so, what was the outcome?

  • How would you handle a situation where the travel plans went awry for the vice president of the company?

  • If you are handling travel plans for multiple people with various needs, how would you ensure all the people’s needs are met with the budget that has been provided?