What to Research

9 Things That You Should Research Before Your Interview

Nothing is more disappointing to an interviewer than finding out that an applicant knows nothing about the company that they’re trying to work for. Put yourself in their shoes: Would you want to hire someone who is just blindly sending their résumés to companies they have no real interest in? Interviewers are looking for people […]

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Questions to Ask the Interviewer

7 Questions to Ask the Interviewer

When you go in for an interview, you expect to be asked many questions about your qualifications for that particular position. That’s part of what makes the experience so nerve-racking. You’ve probably rehearsed answers to interview questions in your mind over and over again to try to keep yourself from being nervous when you’re on […]

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Mock Interview Q&A for Students

Mock Interview Questions and Answers for Students

When you’re still in college (or fresh out of school), it can feel daunting searching for your first job. It seems like every employer wants a candidate with years of experience, which is quite a catch-22 for a college student. After all, if you do not have work experience in your field, how are you […]

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Mock Interview Q&A

Mock Interview Questions and Answers

Are you about to interview for an important position, and you’re curious about what the interviewer might ask you? Though the prospect of being asked difficult questions about your work history and education may make you nervous, as long as you’re well-prepared, there’s nothing to worry about! One way to prepare is by conducting video […]

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First Time Interview Preparation Tips

Tips for First Time Interviewees

If you’re just easing your way into the working world, your first few interviews can be nerve-wracking. You probably feel self-conscious sitting in front of someone whose sole job is to judge your qualifications. You don’t want to make a mistake and you can’t help but obsess silently in your mind about what the interviewer […]

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